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Aces Solitaire Pack 2 Android App & Review

Downloads: 340
Category: Games Android Apps
(Solitaire Android Apps)
Version: 1.0.2
Publisher: Concrete Software Apps
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About Aces Solitaire Pack 2 Android App
  • Play 40 most popular solitaire games on your android device with latest version of Aces Solitaire Pack that is Aces Solitaire Pack 2. It includes solitaire games like Pyramid, Forty Thieves, Scorpion, Free Cell, Spider and Klondike and much more. Now play solitaire as you want because it also facilitates you to set your favorites for all solitaire game. Its latest version includes tons of statistics containing score, time, and number of moves, improved graphics, game options and also online leaderboards for each game by personal, daily, weekly and overall.


    * Individual easy, medium and hard leaderboards for Spider style games
    * In Klondike style games, Vegas style scoring and leaderboard.
    * View large card stacks with peak feature
    * Number of draws and number of deals settings for each game.
    * Know the difficulty level of the game through difficulty rating
    * Undo or Redo moves
    * Activate or deactivate auto moves as per choice.
    * When you are playing it records your score, time and number of moves.
    * Exclusive 7 backgrounds
    * You can also restart game or choose a new game for each session
    * Save statistics for each game, current game, current session, and for all
    * You can reset statistics and scores
    * Gives directions for each game.
    * Vocabulary of normally used Solitaire terms for your help

Supported Android versions: All
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Aces Solitaire Pack 2