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Zingles II Android App & Review

Downloads: 37
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 3.00.06
Publisher: ZingMagic Limited Apps
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About Zingles II Android App
  • Zingles II is an android game where simple and addictive logic puzzle game can be played. Make sure that each & every row, column and sub-grid contains an instance of each piece in order to complete the board. While starting game, many pieces called as givens are placed on the board. The remainder of board displays black squares for completing. Deductive reasoning powers are used for solving large number of boards generated by Zingles. Every board square is marked by possible movements to solve puzzles. Cross hatch marking is another method for solving puzzles.

    Large variety of board size from simple 4x4 boards to complex 16x16 boards are supported. Jigsaw and Killer Sudoku modes are available for playing. Boards are generated in symmetrical format and single solution makes them pure game boards. Some famous game variation can be done and diagonals may only contain single instance for every piece. A lightning fast puzzle solver can solve any complex puzzle. You just have to enter any external puzzle and send request to solver for its solution.

    - Large variety of symmetrical single solution games can be played on any size of board.
    - Various layouts along wiht analysis layout are supported.
    - Squares can be marked by possible movements for solving.
    - Cross hatch and board solving technique are supported.
    - Lightning fast solver can easily solve any type of external puzzle.
    - Validity period of a board can be checked on any stage.
    - To go back on previous game positions, board is freeze.
    - Now there is no need to purchase new game packs for playing.
    - Amazing graphics with choice of boards and piece sets are available.
    - Levels like easy, medium and hard are available for playing game.
    - Any external puzzle can be solved by solver.
    - Languages like English, French, German, Spanish and Italian are supported.
    - Players can play many games like breed classic board, card and puzzle games on different platforms.

Supported Android versions: All
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Zingles II