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YouP3 Android App & Review

Downloads: 222

Category: Music Android Apps
Version: 1.0.3
File Size: 1228.80 KB
Publisher: YouP3
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About YouP3 Android App
  • YouP3 is a fantastic YouTube to MP3 converter for your Android phone. As we all know, YouTube is world's best video sharing website and if you want to explore this world, then this application will be handy for you. Using this converter app, you can easily convert & download any audio that is available to view on YouTube and convert it to an MP3 to play on Android phone or other Android device. It displays short video preview so that you will make sure you have the correct file to convert. Moreover, it automatically updates your audio library. The server of this app lets cache mp3 for 23 hours.

    - Supports background downloading
    - Dedicated gigabit line for a speedy delivery

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
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YouP3 Android App Recent Changes
  • Fixed*
  • some YT video's were downloading halfway and then throwing errors halfway.
  • Known Bugs*
  • Any YouTube videos that contain adult content that you must sign in for will come back in error as a cancelled video. So if your video contains copious amounts of swears or shows some boobage, it may be a problem - we are working on fixing this bug currently.
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