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Yacht II Android App & Review

Downloads: 32
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 3.00
Publisher: ZingMagic Limited Apps
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About Yacht II Android App
  • Yacht is a passionate dice solitaire game which is played through a set of five standard dice. In this dice game, you have to score as more points as you can from 13 ‘hands'. Here a hand includes the value which will be shown on five dice, you are going roll. In the beginning of the game you have to roll all five dice after that you can roll any dice or all dice as per your choice. Now you have given three chances to make a hand but it is not compulsory to use all three chances, can make a hand in first or second chance also.

    You will earn bonus points when you use less dice rolls and also get chance score. By getting ‘hands' with a particular combinations of dice such as ‘three of a kind', ‘four of a kind' and ‘full house', you can score points. However the most important hand is ‘five of a kind' or ‘Yacht'. Thus the vital purpose of the game is to achieve as highest number of scores as you can and get your place in the "High score Hall of Fame".

    You can play with one or two player mode with the same device. It includes full player statistics; high score table and supports five languages such as English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. It also includes Individual player statistics which contain number of games played, player average score and high score.

Supported Android versions: All
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Yacht II