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Free World War - 14 Honor Points Android App & Review

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Category: Games Android Apps
(War Android Apps)
Version: 1.4.1
File Size: 1229 KB
Publisher: Storm8 Apps
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About World War - 14 Honor Points Android App
  • Experience one of the most enthralling and engrossing massively multiplayer online war game named World War - 14 Honor Points! The story is all about the year 2012 when a nuclear war has been broken out. Almost all countries in the world fought and many of them have been defeated. During the devastating war, there are five different countries included which are known as major superpowers. Begin your own journey as general and try your best to defend your base from enemy.

    Prepare yourself to fight against all your opponents in order to become dominant military which is present in world as you march in your own way towards victory. Here, join more than 2.8 million players and battle with other players live. Select from five different countries such as USA, UK, Russia, Germany and China; each & every country has it own different bonuses. With the help of best infantry, air units, ground & war, show off your army to others. Build your own military base to expand the army. There are numerous dangerous and challenging missions included which absolutely keep you engaged for long time. The game features gorgeous graphics, real time updates, easy-to-use tap interface and broadcast messages. Also receive updates with new missions, buildings, units and more.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
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World War - 14 Honor Points Andoid App Review


World War - 14 Honor Points

Highly addictive...perfect game for little here little there with lots of action. Keeps getting better! Must try!