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World Flags Quiz Android App & Review

Downloads: 47
Category: Games Android Apps
(Quiz Android Apps)
Version: 1.0
Publisher: AM Mobile
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About World Flags Quiz Android App
  • World Flags Quiz is an awesome and fascinating quiz game to play with your multiple friends. By playing this game, you can check your knowledge about world's major countries flags. It offers 100 challenging questions, each one has 4 possible answers. Whenever you tap any of the 4 answers, it will change default color of pressed button for while to green in case of right answer and red if wrong answer. It automatically adjusts orientation in either landscape or portrait view to perfectly fit accurate resolutions on most of the screens.

    World Flags Quiz offers full support for 12 languages including French, Spanish, Italian, English, German, Korean, Swedish and much more. It automatically saves your state, if you exit the game anytime so you always have an option to start it from where you have left it.

    * Useful For Educational Purposes.
    * Scoring Information:
    - Game offers only 3 chances to give correct answers.
    - Get 3 points, if you give correct answer in first chance.
    - The players will earn 2 points, if they will give correct answer in second chance.
    - Revive 1 point by giving right answer at third chance.

Supported Android versions: All
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World Flags Quiz