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Free Wordoku Free Android App & Review

Downloads: 144
Category: Games Android Apps
(Sudoku Android Apps)
Version: 1.4
Publisher: StylezSoft SA
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About Wordoku Free Android App
  • Wordoku Free is an amazing and captivating game that is similar to Sudoku. Here, the main task of the players is to find the word that is hidden in any of the 9 horizontal lines. Every Wordoku has 9 letters and you are allowed to place each of them only once in (one time on each row & one time on each column) every 3x3 grid. Check out 5 unique hidden words along with various variations in this demo version. Upgrade to full version and enjoy playing with 3000+ words in the English version, 5000 in the French and 1000+ in Spanish.

Supported Android versions: All
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Wordoku Free