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Wordfeud Android App & Review

Downloads: 50

Category: Games Android Apps
(Word Android Apps)
Version: 1.2.8
Publisher: Bertheussen IT
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About Wordfeud Android App
  • Enjoy playing the most interesting and entertaining word game, Wordfeud with an addictive gameplay. To enjoy the game online, you can find opponents by entering their username or sending an email any of your friend. The game also selects a random opponent for you to play online. The players will find all the similar bonus squares on the game board, which can be easily set up in standard layout or a randomly generated array as per your own choice. Use your finger to scroll all around board and tap twice to use zoom in/out functions in the game.

    An intuitive touch-screen interface make moving of your letter pieces around the board easy. The players can also put their pieces on the board without waiting for their turn. Use Clear button to get back all your placed pieces to your hand to start the game once again. If you use Shuffle button, then there will be a random rearrange of the the letters in your hand, which help you visualize many word possibilities. Be notified when you turn comes by activating Push Notifications. you can quickly update username, password or email of your profile. App provides 6 different dictionaries with the support of multiple languages.

    - Ad-free version
    - Ability to add users to your Friends list to play with them in future
    - In-game chat feature
    - Great visual effects
    - In-built dictionary to check meaning of words
    - Play at your own speed within 72-hour time limit
    - Allows juggling of 30 games at the same time
    - Tons of customization in Settings menu
    - Set profile picture
    - Turn on or off Toggle Notifications

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
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Wordfeud Android App Recent Changes
  • Faster app launch
  • Fixed Facebook fan page link
  • Fixed crash when moving tile past the right edge of the rack
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