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Word Help For Friends Android App & Review

Downloads: 49

Category: Games Android Apps
(Word Android Apps)
Version: 2.8.5
Publisher: epEK.ware
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About Word Help For Friends Android App
  • Enjoy playing the most fun-filled and captivating android game named Word Help For Friends. It is an app that helps you in searching out best possible words, while you are playing Words With Friends android game. This application utilizes lots of searching algorithms and even original dictionary from Words With Friends so you always have surety about valid words.

    During game, if you become confuse about using of any particular letter, then try Anywhere Search Type to know, whether to use such letter or not. Click on the words, which you have generated by Word Help With Friends to check out their definitions. Go back or forward between Words With Friends and get help by using integrated quick switch feature.

    - Anywhere Search Type Feature
    - Prefix Search Type Feature
    - Board Matching Search Type Feature
    - Help Button

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Word Help For Friends Android App Recent Changes
  • Vastly improved in-game mode: no more switching back to the non-transparent view to perform a search
  • Completely rewritten search algorithm - now between 40-120x faster
  • Added menu option to completely close out of in-game mode
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Word Help For Friends