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Free WiFi Finder Android App & Review

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Category: Travel Android Apps
(Wifi Analyser Android Apps)
Version: 3.1
File Size: 925 KB
Publisher: JiWire Inc
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About WiFi Finder Android App
  • WiFi Finder is the most efficient and helpful app to use on your smartphone. Through this application, users are able to rapidly find any free and paid public Wi-Fi online or offline. It offers full hotspot database offline for more than 500000 locations in 144 countries of the world. Easily scan all your nearby Wi-Fi hotspots directly from your android phone. Search by type of location like cafe, hotel, restaurant & more. In your searched Wi-Fi hotspot, you will find its phone number and useful directions on how to easily reach there.

    Note: If users prefer certain popular providers like Comcast etc. then they can check out which hotspots are served by them. The application works pretty well with top pay and free service providers of the world to offer most accurate info.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.2 and higher
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WiFi Finder Android App Recent Changes
  • App now stores offline database to phone's external storage (SD card)
  • Pressing the Back key from the home screen offers the user the option to exit the app
  • Minor bug fixes
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WiFi Finder