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WidgetLocker Lockscreen Android App & Review

Downloads: 67

Category: Productivity Android Apps
(Widget Android Apps)
Release: 2010-06-16
Version: 2.2.1
File Size: 3072 KB
Publisher: TeslaCoil Software
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About WidgetLocker Lockscreen Android App
  • Easily customize your own lock screen and change layout of the screen through "WidgetLocker Lockscreen" Android application! Make use of built-in styles or user-themes in order to select look of sliders. You can easily and conveniently customize the slider actions. It offers drag & drop placements of android widgets, sliders as well as app shortcuts. Now it's also possible to customize those buttons or widgets which are allowed or blocked at lock screen. This beautifully designed application features resizable widgets & custom grid size, optional easy wake mode and notification badges on apps/sliders.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
WidgetLocker Lockscreen Screenshots:
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WidgetLocker Lockscreen Android App Recent Changes
  • More options for Root users
  • MIUI-like slider
  • Clock on Sense slider is optional
  • Added center button to rotary slider (pull down)
  • Allow editing existing sliders (From resize mode)
  • Much better wallpaper cropping
  • Option to only allow Volume buttons while music is playing
  • WaveLauncher integration
  • Unlock-with-Wifi integration (Requires UWW 1.1, coming soon)
  • Atrix Fingerprint scanner fixes
  • General fixes and optimizations
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WidgetLocker Lockscreen