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VLC Remote Android App & Review

Downloads: 232
Category: Entertainment Android Apps
(VLC Android Apps)
Version: 1.35
Publisher: Hobbyist Software
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About VLC Remote Android App
  • Today VLC player is become well known for video watching and if you are among the millions users of it then VLC Remote is the most handy for you. VLC Remote is now available for your Android device; it means you can get total control for VLC player from your Phone. It allows you to play any file from your computer. It is compatible with your Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

    * Simple to use & install
    * Full DVD controls
    * Stop, Play, Pause, volume and position
    * You can view the Playlist & Play files
    * Freedom to access external drives
    * Control Volume, Position & Track
    * Turn Fullscreen On/Off

Supported Android versions: All
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VLC Remote
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VLC Remote