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UNO (Kindle Fire Edition) Android App & Review

Downloads: 83

Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 3.3.6
Publisher: Gameloft Apps
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About UNO (Kindle Fire Edition) Android App
  • Get ready to play the most popular family card game named UNO with your friends. The game can be played against your android device or up to 4 other players. The deck comes with four different colors including Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. All the cards are numbered from 0 to 9. Here, the players have to drop a card and match the color or number of the earlier card dropped by previous player. The player whose cards are completed first will become the winner. There are some special cards within the deck to make your game more interesting including Wild Card, Draw Two Cards, Draw Four Wild Card, Reverse and Skip.

    Check out 3 most entertaining modes including Quick Play, Multiplayer and Tournament.

    - Quick Play Mode: Play against up to 3 Android opponents in this mode.
    - Multiplayer Mode: Choose to play against human and computer opponents. Here, you have an option to assign four player positions to any person or Android device.
    - Tournament Mode: In this mode, use your best skills to win the best of five matches.

    The game automatically tracks your statistics and achievements in all above modes. Also look for other features like 3 difficulty levels, profile set-up, scoring & penalty rules, different backgrounds, options to enable Uno 7-0 & Jump-In etc.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.0 and higher
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UNO (Kindle Fire Edition)