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UltraChron Stopwatch & Timer Android App & Review

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Category: Tools Android Apps
Release: 2012-12-25
Version: 1.99.3
File Size: 666k KB
Publisher: TheSpinningHead (
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About UltraChron Stopwatch & Timer Android App
  • UltraChron Stopwatch & Timer is simple, responsive and accurate stopwatch and timer for Android Smart-device. You can use this application for cooking, exercise and anything that you want to count time. This application includes talking stopwatch/timer with 1/100 second. Time can be set by speech and also you can set any ring-tone as a reminder. UltraChron Stopwatch & Timer runs in the background when you are working in other applications. You can add in descriptions and send your timing report via email. Even you can adjust alarm length.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
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UltraChron Stopwatch & Timer Android App Recent Changes

What's in this version:Version 1.99.3-Internal Code CleanupVersion 1.99.2-Fixed tactile feedback issue-Fixed typosVersion 1.99.1-Fixed Android 4.1 ICS Timer Issue-Better display for 7" tabletsVersion 1.98-Fixed Android 4 persistent notification bugVersion 1.97-New option to stop timer after alarm soundsVersion 1.96-Bar Graph added to timer. Will change to yell at 50% red at 25%Version 1.94-95-Better performance for Android 4+ devicesVersion 1.93-Better support for 10" tablets

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UltraChron Stopwatch & Timer