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Trigna Android App & Review

Downloads: 35
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.1
Publisher: Crazysoft Limited Apps
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About Trigna Android App
  • Play a fascinating mind puzzle game, Trigna on your android device and boost your brain speed & memory. 'Trigna' word is derived from a 'Trigona' that is the Greek word which means 'Triangles'.

    In this game, the players have to make as many triangles as they can by clicking three same colored marks. Keep your eye on the time meter while playing and make triangles within fixed time until your round will be over. Think for as many combinations as you can to make different triangles. Here, you can't utilize marks of different colors and also you can not make same triangle for two times. The players can't select the marks that are in a straight line.

    The game has awesome cartoon character and attractive graphics. Trigna game is translated in 7 different languages. There is one ‘Special Mode' included in this game so that even 'Color Blind' players can play this game. The players can also export their top score to the internet.

Supported Android versions: All
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