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Tracing ABC Android App & Review

Downloads: 134

Category: Education Android Apps
Version: 1.4
File Size: 15564.8 KB
Publisher: Remarkable Games
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About Tracing ABC Android App
  • Tracing ABC is an app specially designed for little kids!!! This application helps children in printing letters, numbers and multiple shapes. There are inclusion of four practice options including lower-case letters, numbers, capital letters and shapes.

    * Guided Tracing:
    - Shows large & transparent letters on a chalkboard
    - Green star indicates the place from where kids should start
    - Let kids follow the yellow star path to easily print letter

    * Free Style Tracing:
    - It is an easy to understand mode that offers organic writing experience to kids
    - As kids move their fingers, a chalk line starts following the exact path as per the movements of kids' fingers
    - If your kids' speed is less, then the chalk line will turn into red color
    - With each successful trace, kids will earn one, two or three stars as per their performance
    - As soon as, children trace a letter, the word and photo of something that starts with traced letter will be appeared on the screen

Supported Android versions: Android 2.2 and higher
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Tracing ABC Android App Recent Changes
  • Added a new formation mode to Tracing ABC
  • Defaulting to a more intuitive mode, and you can still set the old mode back ("pedagogical formation") using the setting menu button
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Tracing ABC