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The Room Android App & Review

Downloads: 48

Category: Games Android Apps
Release: 2013-07-08
Version: 0.55
File Size: 154M KB
Publisher: Fireproof Games (
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About The Room Android App
  • The Room is physic-based puzzle game for Android Device with awesome tactile 3D world. You will find mix of beauty, peril and mystery in equal measure. Pass over into incredible space where you will find combination of spellbinding visuals with intriguing problems to solve for you. This game includes most realistic incredible graphics. Explore the mysterious charming 3D world by using touch controls. The Room is easy to play but hard to master with pick-up-and-play design. Think again and again you know what you're looking at.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.0.1 and higher
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The Room Android App Recent Changes

• Better handling of the Android "Back" button, to conform to the Google guidelines• Added a button to rate the game at the end of each chapter

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The Room