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Tawkon Nexus S Limited Edition Android App & Review

Downloads: 33
Category: Health & Fitness Android Apps
Version: 1.0.3
Publisher: tawkon
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About tawkon Nexus S Limited Edition Android App
  • tawkon Nexus S Limited Edition will keep you away from cell phone radiation.
    Radiation can be avoided freely by this app. You can watch real-time alerts, personal satats and user-generated radiation zone maps. It is only method to keep radiation away from cell phones.

    tawkon - Nexus S Limited edition - free & ad-free!
    You've already chosen the Nexus S low SAR (radiation) phone. That's a good start. Now with tawkon you can lower radiation exposure in real-time.

    * This app will check your mobile phone radiation and talk can be done freely. Smart prompts will avoid radiation when you are exposed at high radiation levels.

    * Low-moderate-high levels of radiation exposure get activated when home screen color changes from green to yellow to red.
    * Prediction mode will activate app and used for watching low and high radiation zones from home, office or neighborhood.
    * Alerts message is received when radiation level rises up during call. Simple prompts are used for avoiding radiation. Live feedback will confirm you about effectiveness of your action.

    * Dynamic graphical statistics will make you aware for radiations avoided on last call, day, week, month and six months.
    * It is world's first user-generated radiation map. Google Map shares record of radiation exposure levels from all users around the world.

    tawkon.. Protect Yourself & Talk On!



Supported Android versions: All
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tawkon Nexus S Limited Edition