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Tank Ace 1944 Android App & Review

Downloads: 39
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.03
Publisher: RESETgame
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About Tank Ace 1944 Android App
  • Tank Ace 1944 is a thrilling action game specially designed for your android device. As per the order from HQ, the players have to control a World War II tank in order to occupy the enemy capitol. Here, German aces advance on London & Moscow and Soviet & Allied aces advance on Berlin. As you progress, you will face overwhelming odds in your way and will have to find supplies. The main aim of the players is to clear the enemy from a map sector by driving them off the far bank of a river in order to cross & advance their side. Here, the players have to exercise some abilities such as navigate east or west (left & right on the overhead map), working trigger finger and driving in order to crash into other vehicles. See the number of enemies left, fuel, remaining rounds & armor strength with a status panel.

    You can also reload the last three things by ramming an enemy truck. Simply drive your tank into the water, if your trunk runs out of fuel or armor. The player's one sector will be retreated in case of an untimely death. The players will also achieve one sector by wiping out the enemies. The game will be over when you will occupy the enemy capitol or enemies will occupy yours. Tank Ace 1944 includes 3 tanks such as Sherman, Tiger and T34 with movable turret & cannon in each. It also has destroyable 3D landscape, overhead or perspective view, three difficulty settings and save / resume game option.

Supported Android versions: All
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Tank Ace 1944