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SystemPanel App / Task Manager Android App & Review

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Category: Tools Android Apps
(Task Android Apps)
Version: 1.0.11
Publisher: NextApp, Inc
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About SystemPanel App / Task Manager Android App
  • SystemPanel App / Task Manager is the most versatile to use on your android application. It enables the background monitoring service and record long-term CPU usage with individual apps to help you in solving your phone's battery life problem.

    Main Features:
    * Task Manager:
    - Through this feature, the users can know which apps are currently loaded in memory or running on a device with their current CPU and memory utilization.
    - You are able to kill any offending application by using this feature.
    - It also handles extreme scenarios with an emergency 'end all' widget.

    * System Monitor:
    - Easily record device usage history for maximum period of time that helps you in determining which apps & usage patterns bring more impact on phone's battery life.
    - The main use of this feature is to track those apps which bring major negative effects on battery life.
    - It records so many activities including CPU usage for each process, display usage, battery level, overall CPU usage and battery charging status.

    * Installer:
    - Quickly install or/and uninstall any application by using this feature.
    - It has an ability to archive multiple versions of each application so that the users can anytime backup their apps before any new update and even restore older versions afterward.
    - It is useful even when any updated item is undesirable or buggy.
    - Works effectively & efficiently than any standard Android application manager.
    - Now, there is no frustration of lag issues, while you are browsing multiple apps at the same time.

    * Device Information:
    - Check out full information about android device like capabilities, network state, storage and OS build information.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
SystemPanel App / Task Manager Screenshots:
SystemPanel App / Task Manager Android App Recent Changes
  • 1.0.11: Live metrics screen now better supports dual-core CPUs by showing individual usage CPU charts. Storage usage is now properly displayed for more devices which feature both internal user memory and an external SD card, such as the Droid 3 and some versions of the Galaxy Tab. Device Info "Storage" screen now shows detailed information about all mounted filesystems. Bugfixes.
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SystemPanel App / Task Manager