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SwiftKey Tablet X Android App & Review

Downloads: 35
Category: Productivity Android Apps
Publisher: TouchType Ltd
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About SwiftKey Tablet X Android App
  • SwiftKey Tablet X is the newest AI tablet keyboard with excellent in-built features. With the help of it's customize split key layout, users can type anything super-fast in landscape mode simply by using their finger. The application is based on TouchType's fluency language inference engine which is highly efficient correction & prediction technology. By using Cloud-based personalization feature, you are able to use data from your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and sent SMS messages.

    - Ability to choose any traditional layout
    - Offers tablet-optimized typing experience
    - Based on Fluency language inference engine of TouchType (new version)
    - Check out 3 nice themes including light, dark and neon
    - Supports multiple languages like English (US), German, Spanish (US), Italian etc
    - Full support for QWERTZ, QZERTY, QWERTY, AZERTY Scandinavian and Russian layouts
    - Improvements in UI

    2 awesome typing styles:
    * Precise: Let SwiftKey automatically complete each word for you by using this style.
    * Rapid: Select this style, if you want to type each word manually. If you use rapid style, then app will automatically tidy all typos and errors of the words.

    Personal Input Modeling:
    - It is specially prepared to indicate that way which you use to interact with your android device
    - Changes all the properties of the keyboard surface by using most advanced machine learning to show predictions based on both language as well as way of typing

    Note: It never saves and transfers any password data and all language data learned on your device. You must require internet connection permission to install this app so you can download language module files and cloud personalization data. It supports all tablet devices with Android 2.X or 3.X.

Supported Android versions: All
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