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StylusNotes Android App & Review

Downloads: 177
Category: Tools Android Apps
(Notes Android Apps)
Version: 1.1.0
Publisher: android-way
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About StylusNotes Android App
  • Make your own handwritten notes with your finger or stylus (Pogo or Dagi) by using StylusNotes application. It is a drawing notes application through which you can easily and quickly write down any vital information such as the path of motion, business idea, telephone & account number etc. It includes 5 note background color, three drawing line thin control, 3 different levels of drawing quality and maximum five step of undo/redo stack. The user can export note in .png file.

    Other features:

    * You can view your entire notes list as gallery, grid or list view
    * Includes 2 modes like drawing and erasing mode
    * Allows backup of notes database in to sd card and Get back all notes database from backuped file
    * Rapidly switch between modes like drawing and erasing and three drawing line thin

Supported Android versions: All
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