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Free StockGa Android App & Review

Downloads: 163
Category: Finance Android Apps
(Calculator Android Apps)
Version: 2.2
Publisher: KyaliApps
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About StockGa Android App
  • StockGa is an easy to use calculator which helps you in knowing return on your stock market's investment. Easily calculate company's stock and equity parameters to know about value of the stock. Check out all your desired values simply by touching one button. Features user-friendly key operations to make your calculating of company's financial health and performance even more effortless.

    Calculate Following Right On Android Device:
    * Stock Analysis:
    - Stock price
    - Holding value
    - Book to Market Ratio
    - More...

    * Dividend Analysis:
    - P/E Ratio
    - Dividend per Share
    - Return of Equity
    - Cash Flow
    - Much more...

    * Quick Analysis:
    - PE Ratio
    - Price to sales Ratio
    - PEG Ratio
    - Book to Market Ratio
    - Many others
    - Debt to Asset Ratio

    * Cash Flow Analysis:
    - Free Cash Flow
    - Free Cash Flow to Firm
    - Operating Cash Flow
    - Operating Cash Flow Ratio etc

    * Activity Ratios:
    - Stock Turnover Ratio
    - Debtors Turnover Ratio
    - Working Capital Turnover Ratio
    - Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio
    - Even more...

    * Leverage Ratios:
    - Debt to Equity Ratio
    - Fixed Asset to Equity Ratio
    - Debt Service Ratio
    - Capital Gearing Ratio
    - Many others

    * Book Value:
    - Price / Book Value Ratio
    - Tangible Book Value
    - Enterprise value
    - Enterprise value Multiple
    - Much more

    * Capital:
    - Working Capital
    - Current Ratio
    - Quick Ratio
    - Working Capital Turnover Ratio
    - More...

    * Liquidity and Efficiency:
    - Current Ratio
    - Quick Ratio
    - Receivables Turnover Ratio
    - Many other ratios

    * Profitability Ratios:
    - Gross profit Ratio
    - Net Worth
    - Return of Capital Expenditure
    - Expense Ratio etc.

Supported Android versions: All
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