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Free Stealth Tone Android App & Review

Downloads: 70
Category: Entertainment Android Apps
Version: 1
Publisher: Inoxapps
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About Stealth Tone Android App
  • Stealth Tone is a unique tool that most above 20 year olds cannot hear. It uses a special frequency that lets you play this annoying sound in stealth mode. Additionally, it also offers an audible sound that is similar to a grenade dropping.

    The following are some scenarios where this app can be very useful:

    If you're in a classroom, then this is an ideal tool for doing a prank on your classmates without the teacher ever knowing.

    If you're hosting a party and does not want any teens to stay there, then simply hook up this app to speakers and watch the kids leaving that place.

    If you're having a younger brother or sister and needs to stay away from them for some time, just play this app!

Supported Android versions: All
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