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StatsPac Android App & Review

Downloads: 41
Category: Education Android Apps
Version: 7.6
Publisher: MobileCaltronics
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About StatsPac Android App
  • StatsPac is an essential application which is designed, tested and used by experience Instructors. You can do everything with this calculator which you expect from your TI. It has an intuitive design which helps you to find the desired function and also has useful features & better functionalities.

    This app provides definitions, help and formulas for ‘hand' calculations and also uses word prompts for input. It also remembers the last list with which you have worked and arranges defaults accordingly. It includes Smart entry which stops you from entering inappropriate parameters and also includes Failsafe technology that assists you to arrive at correct solutions.

    * 8 Discrete Probability density functions.
    * Calculations and graphs for 6 Continuous Probability density functions.
    * Calculations and graphs for 1 & 2-Sample Confidence Intervals and 1 & 2-Sample Hypothesis Test.
    * Regression Analysis, + Linear Regression T-Test.
    *Offers Dynamically transformable lists, factorial, permutations, combinations, fraction conversion and multi-function graphing.

Supported Android versions: All
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StatsPac Android App Recent Changes
  • Added 2-finger pinch/zoom
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