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Best & Free Speedometer Android Apps

Speedometer is the most essential and necessary gauge or tool that helps you to quickly measure and display instantaneous speed of any vehicle. brings you wide ranging assortment of unique speedometer android apps that utilize built-in GPS to show current, maximum & average speed, direction as well as distance that you've traveled. Now, it's possible to check how far your run was with complete ease.


The users can also analyze and log-in your vehicles performance on track days. There are various speedometer android applications included which intelligently measure current speed of a vehicle in kilometers per hour. All these GPS-based speedometer apps for android are capable of reading speeds on the bases of distance the receiver has actually moved. Here, you can find out some unique and great speedometer applications that help you to drive even more safely & securely. The users can also get compass direction, speed graph, useful HUD option and orientation option. Check out the best speedometer apps for android and gain maximum speed of any vehicle!!

Android Apps for Speedometer
  • SpeedView Android App
  • Transportation
  • Version: 2.7.2
  • SpeedView is the most innovative and highly acc..
  • Downloads: 176
  • 1
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