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Free Speed Anatomy Android App & Review

Downloads: 134
Category: Games Android Apps
(Anatomy Android Apps)
Version: 1.21
Publisher: Benoit Essiambre
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About Speed Anatomy Android App
  • Test your knowledge of human structure with Speed Anatomy app. It includes 28 levels such as muscles, arteries, veins, nasal cavity, oral cavity and much more. The players can get higher scores for their speed and precision. Speed Anatomy also contains nearly 300 labeled parts from all the main regions of the body. You can see a magnifying glass by holding your finger on an image. It is also useful for the persons who are tackling anatomy for high school, university and medical school. Learn specific regions directly with practice mode so there is no need to do all the previous levels. Speed Anatomy provides translations in multiple languages like English, German/Latin, Italian, French and Japanese.

Supported Android versions: All
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Speed Anatomy