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Solitaire MegaPack Android App & Review

Downloads: 34
Category: Games Android Apps
(Solitaire Android Apps)
Version: 8.04
Publisher: Tesseract Mobile
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About Solitaire MegaPack Android App
  • Buy one of the best solitaire apps on your android device... The application includes 110 bestest card games including Klondike, Golf, TriPeaks, Spider,Scorpion, 3 Towers, Cruel, Calculation and many others. Now, the players don't have to move every card manually as this game automatically identifies your moves and does them for you. Use unlimited redoes feature to replace any of your bad move. You can also restart the game with the help of unlimited retries capabilities. It includes sort features containing game type, name, difficulty, category, most played and game time. The game automatically tracks all your progress and statistics. check out your won games, average game time and average & high score in stats. Look for 'Help' facility and easy to understand gaming instructions for each game

    Note: This is just a small example of the games available. For a comprehensive game list, please go to Tesseract Mobile Software's website.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
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Solitaire MegaPack