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Social Media Ticker Android App & Review

Downloads: 39

Category: Social Networking Android Apps
Version: 1.7
File Size: 811.3 KB
Publisher: HouseBlend Software
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About Social Media Ticker Android App
  • Access all your favorite social media sites by using this one application named Social Media Ticker!!! Even if your device is idle, you are allowed to see and update your feeds as well as photos. The users are able to look for items via awesome ticker-tape display. Update your Facebook feed, Twitter stream, YouTube videos, what's new on Flickr, latest news headlines etc. It features full 3D scrolling, which allows you to scroll your feeds by setting your device downwards. Simply by tapping once on any item, users can stop it from scrolling.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Social Media Ticker Android App Recent Changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Cache images to be used on next run
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Social Media Ticker