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Free SMS Backup + Android App & Review

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Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 1.4.0 (supports App2SD)
File Size: 1055 KB
Publisher: Jan Berkel (
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Market Link: market://search?q=pname:com.zegoggles.smssync
About SMS Backup + Android App
  • Backup SMS, MMS and call log entries with an individual label in Gmail / Google Calendar through SMS Backup + app. Moreover it is also likely to bring back SMS and call log entries to your phone (MMS not supported). Don't forget to activate IMAP in Gmail and set the correct time/zone.

    During the first connection if you find a "You do not have permission to..." fault or other troubles verify the website for details.

    DROID X/2 users: due to a firmware bug (timezones) incoming messages might not be backed up. Complain to Motorola, don't blame this app!

    Please note that auto backup might not work reliably when SMS Backup+ is installed on the SD card. Future version will hopefully fix this, in the meantime please move it back to phone memory if possible.

Supported Android versions: All
SMS Backup + Screenshots:
SMS Backup + Android App Recent Changes
  • Call log restore support
  • Android data-backup support (keeps preferences across device installs)
  • Various bug fixes (I/O error, SMS/MMS threading issues)
  • In-app PayPal / Flattr donation possible (in the 'About' dialog). There is at least one app in the Android market making money with code from this project, please support the original :) Thanks!
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