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SmrtGuard - Monthly Service (1 Month Subscription) Android App & Review

Downloads: 88
Category: Tools Android Apps
(Security Android Apps)
Version: 3.50
Publisher: SmrtGuard
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About SmrtGuard - Monthly Service (1 Month Subscription) Android App
  • SmrtGuard Mobile Security is the most essential android app that offers variety of easy to use and helpful features.

    Main Features:
    * Anti-Theft & Recovery:
    - Through GPS, this feature helps you in searching and tracking your lost or stolen device remotely via developer's web portal
    - Stop any person from using your private data by remotely locking your smartphone

    * Multi-User Management:
    - Use this feature & quickly add or remove any user
    - Ideal for small businesses as well as families
    - Manage maximum 3 devices from a one SmrtGuard Pro account

    * Over-the-Air Backup & Restore:
    - Ability to schedule auto-wireless backups of your private & confidential data
    - Through web, users can access their personal data
    - Allows wireless restoring of data to device

    * Remote Wipe:
    - Wipe out all the data of phone though web

    Personal & SIMCard Guardian:
    - Make emergency distress calls, SMS or email simply by pushing single button on device ( After this feature is activated, it quickly sends email, SMS and/or phone call in case of emergency)
    - Let your friends of family members track your phone through web
    - Useful feature to track activity of your child
    - Whenever any unregistered SIM card is placed on android device, it rapidly sends a warning email and turns on tracking

    * Mobile Anti-Virus:
    - Offers efficient protection from all latest viruses and malware
    - Ability to schedule auto-scans of virus
    - Get automatic updates with all definitions of latest viruses
    - Transfer data wirelessly to new smartphone

    * Anti-Spam & Call Blocker:
    - Ability to block any unwanted call and create blacklist for it
    - Allows you to easily remove email spam
    - You can backup & make multiple spam blacklists and transfer them to a new device

Supported Android versions: All
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SmrtGuard - Monthly Service (1 Month Subscription)