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Smart Games Android App & Review

Downloads: 36
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.1
Publisher: Crazysoft Limited Apps
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About Smart Games Android App
  • Smart Games is the complete pack of educational games that helps you in learning Geography of whole world. It is specially useful for all little kids and grown-ups in improving their memory, mental awareness and calculating speed. Just click on integrated simple button to change difficulty at each level. Game features clear-cut graphics with many different colors. Allows you to export high scores to internet and show-off multiple friends.

    Included Games:
    1. Geography:
    - Offers map games for multiple countries including Middle East, Asia, Center, South America, USA, Europe and Africa
    - The players have to find states, countries or capital cities as quickly as possible on map to earn maximum score
    - Integrated 'Help' to complete game even faster

    2. Memory:
    - Play in-built 'Memory' game to easily develop your brain memory

    3. Mental Awareness:
    - You have to make most use of your brain in a puzzle game which comes with different images

    4. Calculating Speed
    - Includes 'shoot the ufo' genre games which help your kids in improving their calculating speed
    - Kids can do subtraction, addition, multiplication and division

Supported Android versions: All
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Smart Games