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Sleepy Time Android App & Review

Downloads: 46
Category: Lifestyle Android Apps
Version: 2.0.3
Publisher: CWS Software LLC
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About Sleepy Time Android App
  • Sleepy Time is one of the best android apps!!! It brings thousands of audio tracks which help you sleep calmly at night. Also check out multiple sounds like white noise, beach, birds and crickets. You can also mix up to 3 sounds to make your own sleep sound profile. As soon as, you select your favorite sounds from multiple choices, you can set sleep timer and choose increments in either minutes or hours. To listen the sounds all night long, simply choose Continuous play option. It constantly plays the sound even if our screen will turn off.

    Nature Sounds:
    - Babbling brook
    - Wind
    - Waterfall
    - Thunder storm
    - Rain
    - Under water
    - Much more

    General Things:
    - Ceiling fan
    - Fish tank
    - Truck engine
    - Vacuum cleaner
    - Air conditioner
    - Clothes dryer
    - Etc.

    Wild Things:
    - Birds
    - Crickets
    - Heartbeat
    - Whale
    - Dolphin
    - Purring cat
    - Many others

    Other Sounds:
    - Snoring
    - Farm house
    - Urban noise

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
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Sleepy Time Android App Recent Changes
  • Added sound Row Boat
  • Added sound Thunderstorm 3
  • Minor UI updates
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Sleepy Time