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Sleep as An Droid Unlock Android App & Review

Downloads: 41
Category: Lifestyle Android Apps
(Alarm Android Apps)
Release: 2010-11-21
Version: 20101121
File Size: 44 KB
Publisher: Petr Nalevka
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About Sleep as An Droid Unlock Android App
  • Sleep as Android Unlock is an interesting Android SmartPhone App that easily tracks your sleep & wake up you early and gently in morning with natural sounds. Unlock "Sleep as Android" application and get a handful of feature ed functionality that allows you to sleep well. The alarm clock include a sleep cycle tracker which provides some very descent and natural sounds that everyone like to hear in early morning. Install "Sleep as Android Unlock" and enjoy features like sleep tracking, sharing graphs on FaceBook, graph history, nature alarms with sounds of birds, sea, storm, etc.., fall in sleep with music and captcha.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
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Sleep as An Droid Unlock