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ShowMe! Weather w/Chat Android App & Review

Downloads: 88
Category: Weather Android Apps
Version: 2.0
Publisher: WiMEME, Inc
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About ShowMe! Weather w/Chat Android App
  • Now use ShowMe! Weather android application with the whole new chat feature. The users can check their city's current weather conditions including temperature and humidity. It allows you to track conditions of weather in variety of global locations or cities. With the new chat feature, you can interact with users from all over the world. Through email or SMS, the app enables you to share weather with multiple friends. Here, all the weather information is provided by Google.

    * Check out current temperature with home screen weather icon.
    * 'Home City' that is defined by user.
    * Celsius & Fahrenheit temperature scales.
    * Weather locations.
    * Set timings as per your preferences (30, 60, 180 min, etc.).
    * Option for 'Storm Warning'.
    * Ad-supported version.

    Note: It supports only few cites of the world.

Supported Android versions: All
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ShowMe! Weather w/Chat