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ServerUp Android App & Review

Downloads: 30
Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 1.0.5
Publisher: Archanet Technologies
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About ServerUp Android App
  • ServerUp is used for checking the status of network and web servers and gives information if server goes down. By entering hostname and port number, it will display will display a red X if server goes down otherwise a green checkmark will appear. This app can also be used for sending notification like alerts and host can be enabled or disabled at anytime. It is best method for getting connected to remote servers.

    The latest version 1.0.5 of ServerUp is used for enabling and disabling certain hosts. It is very useful for the people working on users that work on LAN by WIFI and manage local computers. They can be disabled while leaving LAN by Modify Host screen. Frequency is used for checking status of server and timeout time is used for server response.


Supported Android versions: All
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