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Free Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) Android App & Review

Downloads: 77
Category: Social Networking Android Apps
(Facebook Android Apps)
Release: 2009-11-22
Version: 1.7.2
File Size: 2048 KB
Publisher: Seesmic, Inc
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About Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) Android App
  • Seesmic is an application which makes it easy for users to manage their multiple social networks right from their android smartphone. Use any of services like TwitPic, YouTube, yFrog and Plixi in order to easily share any favorite photo, location & video.

    - Provides notifications when you receive any new message
    - Offers widget for quicker access of any new update
    - Ability to add shortcuts to any account
    - Supports lists, searches & composer

    Support for multiple social networks:
    - Facebook integration allows you to post message on your any admin facebook page
    - With Google Buzz integration, you can check out complete inline preview all photos as well as links
    - Through Salesforce Chatter network, users are able to directly interact with their company. Share important information from many other networks including Twitter whenever you will back in your enterprise
    - Twitter Client includes all the features that one of the best interface has. It features cross-posting, retweets and support for multiple twitter accounts. Twitlonger integration offers the best way for longer tweets. For all public conversations, you will find conversation thread view in this client.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
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Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)