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Free Second Grade Math Android App & Review

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Category: Education Android Apps
Release: 2014-03-07
Version: 1.0
File Size: 4.2M KB
Publisher: GreenButton
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About Second Grade Math Android App
  • Description
    Second Grade Math

    With 11 chapters covering over 120 math skills and more than 1200 problems, Second Grade Math is one of the most comprehensive math workbook

    This app covers following topics:
    - Counting
    - Addition
    - Subtraction
    - Multiplication
    - Division
    - Comparing numbers
    - Date & Time
    - Money
    - Data & Tables
    - Mixed
    - Word problems

    - No Wi-Fi or Data Connection required
    - Swipe up-down to scroll question text.
    - Swipe left-right to skip questions and return to prev one.
    - Timer helps simulate realistic exam.
    - Quizzes with various difficulty levels
    - Statistics gives you a birds-eye view of progress in all chapters.
    - A score board on the top, shows how many problems have been completed along with the totals for correct and wrong answers.
    - You can revisit wrong answers. Feature allows children to develop mastery by attempting a problem again if they get it wrong.
    - High Scores can be cleared.

    - Parents for daily homework, practice
    - Teachers in the classroom
    - Homeschoolers
    - Parents for previous grade review
    - Parents for preparation for next grade

    - Study anywhere and learn at your own pace
    - Great for classrooms or at home
    - This application is NOT just a question bank. It take your preparation to next level by providing effective tools to monitor performance, review questions you answered wrong or group
    question to revisit later.
    - The content is aligned to common core standards.

    Customize it! Create your own problem set. Precise customization of the training course content leads to effective and focused learning.
    - Choose problems chapters
    - Five difficulty levels for each chapter.
    - Number of practice problems can be set between 5 and All problems
    - Timer can be set between 2 minutes and Unlimited time

    More fun
    - Problem set icons
    - Correct/wrong sounds
    - Whiteboard (Great for Pads!)

    Child can use a Whiteboard for all rough work.
    Kids can practice unlimited question without wasting Paper.
    Take a break between sessions and enjoy drawing!

    Please send any feedback or questions to
    Recommended Ages: 7-9
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Supported Android versions: Android 2.2 and higher
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Second Grade Math