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Scre4m Android App & Review

Downloads: 42

Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.0
File Size: 23552 KB
Publisher: TWC Games
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About Scre4m Android App
  • Scream 4 is a 2011 American slasher film and the 4th installment in the Scream film series. TWC Games brings SCRE4M as a game for your Android device. Relive the moments of movie and be the best killer. The game has simple rule, slash everyone who come in your way for victory. But be smart, you have to care for who you kill & how you kill. Enjoy fast-paced single player mode where you chase down wounded & avoid the cops. The game includes multiple fully rendered 3D levels, where you can come out your inner killer. Try your best and unlock included achievements.

    - OpenFeint integration
    - Share your top score via Twitter & Facebook

Supported Android versions: Android 2.2 and higher
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