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Scientific Calculator (Reverse Polish Post-Fix Notation) Android App & Review

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Category: Productivity Android Apps
(Calculator Android Apps)
Version: 2.0
Publisher: Business Compass LLC
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About Scientific Calculator (Reverse Polish Post-Fix Notation) Android App
  • Perform different kinds of calculation with complete ease on your Android device with Scientific Calculator app. It has the capability that allows you to specify and perform variety of fractions. This accurate app enables you to calculate factorial up to 280 and also allows you to specify precision as well as significance. It provides conversion from rectangular to polar coordinate with great ease. Make use of EEX in order to easily enter scientific data. It offers log & anti-logs ability and DIV & MOD functions.

    - 18 basic arithmetic operations: It includes basic fractions & operations, percent calculations, basic calculations, fraction calculations & simplification and powers & roots.
    - 5 probability operations: This unique operations offer different functionality including factorial, permutation & combination and random number generation.
    - 5 memory operations: You can perform different operations such as addition and subtraction. It allows you to save, read and clear your results.
    - 13 trigonometry operations: These operations give capability to specify degree, minute as well as second. There are variety of operations included such as inverse hyperbolic sin, degree, radian, hyperbolic sin and more.
    - 5 statistics functions: Make your statistics calculation even easier and simpler with these operations. It allows you to add and repeat the data. You can easily & conveniently find out standard deviation. It includes an assortment of different operations including sum X, average, sum X square & variance.

Supported Android versions: All
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Scientific Calculator (Reverse Polish Post-Fix Notation)