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ScanBizCards Premium Android App & Review

Downloads: 37
Category: Business Android Apps
(Business Card Reader Android Apps)
Version: 1.0.28
Publisher: ScanBiz Mobile Solutions
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About ScanBizCards Premium Android App
  • Unlock all the premium features of the ScanBizCards Business Cards Reader application by using this key named 'ScanBizCards Premium'. Supports 22 scanning languages including English, German, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian & more. It also offers Quick Intro email to provide any newest contact with user's own contact information.

    Allows you to choose from almost all available address books. You can create new contacts from clipboard text like email signatures. Save any of your scanned cards directly to Mac or Outlook address book on desktop. It enables you to access cards from any browser with Web-based management application.

    Use following 4 steps to scan business cards in seconds:
    - First snap or import any photo.
    - Then, scan it. (App automatically detects text orientation).
    - Ability to edit & review scan results side-by-side with card image.
    - Lastly, you can add business card to address book or merge it with existing.

    - Allows you to scan multiple cards at once directly from a flatbed scanner.
    - Ability to define any custom field.
    - Add any note with ease.
    - Available digitalcard holder with multiple customize folders.
    - View any card in 3D cover.
    - Find any card for some specified text.
    - Use in-built function to forward any card.(text + image + VCard)
    - Get full support for flipping images on devices (Devices require front-facing cameras).

    Web Sync Features:

    * Support for cloud backup for all the cards.
    * Sync across variety of devices along with all your scanned cards.
    * Easily export any card to Excel CSV.
    * Check out any of your card on a World map.(web)
    * Support for double-sided card.

    Note: Install this key but you also have to install the application itself. To use Web Sync features you must require subscription.

Supported Android versions: All
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ScanBizCards Premium