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Free RealCalc Scientific Calculator Android App & Review

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Category: Tools Android Apps
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Version: 1.6.3
File Size: 172 KB
Publisher: Quartic Software
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About RealCalc Scientific Calculator Android App
  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator is a fully-featured and most efficient scientific calculator that operates same as like real thing. There are three different modes included such as scientific, engineering and fixed-point display. The user can use trig functions in radians, degrees or grads. This uniquely designed application offers result history, percentages, 10 memories, unit conversions, physical constants table and RPN mode. It comes with full built-in help that assists you while using this calculator. It also features 10 memories, digit grouping and support for binary/octal/hexadecimal functions.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
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RealCalc Scientific Calculator Android App Recent Changes
  • Added option to preserve state on calculator close (see 'Keep State' option in settings).
  • Fixed bug in RPN stack persistence.
  • Fixed crash on divide-by-zero before open parenthesis.
  • Other recent changes:
  • Added full-screen option.
  • RPN stack is now preserved on close.
  • Reversed RPN stack dialog to match display.
  • Corrected units of Planck constant.
  • Fixed bug in implied multiply before opening parenthesis.
  • Fixed crash when opening copy/paste dialog on Honeycomb.
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RealCalc Scientific Calculator