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Free Rabid Jump Android App & Review

Downloads: 480

Category: Games Android Apps
Release: 2014-03-28
Version: 0.4
File Size: 14M KB
Publisher: Synthetic Studios
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About Rabid Jump Android App
  • Rabid Jump has finally been released. This action packed, thriller... kind of.... puts you into the world of a pink demon bunny escaping his captors. Run little demon bunny run! This game is a highly addictive simple game, no matter where you are, or what your doing.. its better then whatever you were thinking of doing. Play it for hours or just a few minutes. At any time you can satisfy your need for little pink demon bunnies.

    ● Controls ●
    Hold down to make the rabid bunny jump. The longer you hold down the higher it jumps.
    Swipe, quickly and horizontally, to make the rabid bunny charge forward. Collect PowerUps to gain special abilities and extra lives!

    ● Awesome Gameplay
    ● Highly Addictive
    ● Easy to play
    ● Fun for everyone
    ● Epic revolutionary graphics
    ● Cool PowerUps

    Rabid Jump - Your little pink demon bunny is waiting!

    ===========How To Play==========

    Playing is easy! Just hold your finger down for a period of time, then release to watch your little pink demon bunny fly through the air. The longer you hold down, the higher the bunny jumps, be wary though, you want to avoid the dangerous stalagmites that will hurt the little pink demon bunny. Don't worry if you die though, I've heard there are tons of little pink demon bunnies... actually thay are probably quite common. Honestly who hasn't seen those dang things in the streets. You can also swipe, quickly and horizontally, to have the rabid bunny charge forward.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.3 and higher
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Rabid Jump