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Quickoffice Pro HD Android App & Review

Downloads: 25
Category: Business Android Apps
Version: 4.6.294
Publisher: QuickOffice
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About Quickoffice Pro HD Android App
  • Quickoffice Pro HD is the most comprehensive and versatile application to use on your android honeycomb tablet. In word or/and powerpoint files, users can quickly add or resize any image from their gallery or camera. In Excel files, you will get full support for advanced formulas and charts. Simply tap and drag in order to apply your desired formula to various cells. You are able to move and resize any of your text box, shape and images. With the help of Text-to-speech feature, users can search text in any document by speaking.

    1. Main Highlights:
    - Quick access of clipboard (Ability to cope, paste or cut in app and between multiple apps)
    - Voice input dictation support
    - Support for undo & redo in major actions
    - Scroll any multi-page document in thumbnail preview
    - Improvements in toolbar & performance
    - Accurate alignment of paragraphs in your documents
    - Allows you to edit speaker notes in any presentation
    - Support for English and Spanish languages
    - Share any documents with friends via e-mail, SMS, Bluetooth and cloud services
    - Use edit in page layout mode
    - Offers thumbnail page navigation in almost all documents
    - Ability to add, rename or delete any worksheet in Excel files

    2. Features Of Microsoft Office:
    - Ability to create, open, view & edit Microsoft word documents (.doc & .docx), Excel spreadsheets (.xls & .xlsx) and PowerPoint presentations (. ppt & .pptx)
    * Features Of File Manager:
    - Easily access any of your file remotely from Dropbox, Huddle, Google Docs, MobileMe & more
    - Allows you to access & manage multiple files on your phone or SD card
    - In file manager, you can open & view office as well as non-office files
    - Ability to create, rename or delete any file or folder
    - By tapping and dragging, you can copy/move files & folders
    - Offers optimized touch technology named SmartTouch for tablets

    3. Features Of PDF:
    - Allows you to open & view password protected & encrypted PDF files
    - Support for flick scrolling & multi-touch zoom
    - Ability to wrap text at highest level of zoom
    - Search desired text in any document
    - Access any document with the help of bookmarks
    - Use hyperlinks, contact numbers and email addresses by clicking

Supported Android versions: All
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