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ProCapture - camera + panorama Android App & Review

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Category: Photography Android Apps
Release: 2012-12-21
File Size: 8.8M KB
Publisher: NEast Studios America LLC (
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About ProCapture - camera + panorama Android App
  • ProCapture is one of the best camera application for Android Smart-device. Panorama mode allows you to link together up to 12 photos to produce a high resolution panoramic image with the zoom in on small details. You can link 3 photos to produce a high resolution wide image. The result is like taking a single shot using a wide-angle lens. ProCapture also includes Reduced Noise mode that captures 2 photos and combines them together in order to reduce camera noise in the photo by about 30%.

    You can shoot better photos with 2 different on-screen camera composition aids like grid and fibonacci spiral. Get batter exposed photos through real-time on-screen histogram. The shutter button helps you to lock image focus and recompose the shot. Find simple user interface and easy access to all camera features. It supports to configuration of volume buttons for zoom or photo capture. Your photos can be saved to internal or external storage.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.2 and higher
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ProCapture - camera + panorama Android App Recent Changes

Added auto crop feature for 16:9, 16:10 and 1:1 photo formatsMade burst mode fasterLicense is cached for a long time once checkedAdded preference to fix preview screen orientation if it's wrongSupport additional resolutionsSupport additional color effects & scene modesSupport hardware zoom buttonsBug fixes for some devices

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ProCapture - camera + panorama