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Free Private SMS-MMS Box (AD) Android App & Review

Downloads: 153
Category: Tools Android Apps
(Security Android Apps)
Version: 2.0.0
Publisher: Techinnovative Systems
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About Private SMS-MMS Box (AD) Android App
  • Now easily secure all your private SMS and MMS by using Private SMS-MMS Box (AD) application. For quick access you can also create application shortcut from setting. The app has 2 kinds of views like user friendly chatting view and threading view. It also offers full support for instance customer and MMS (BETA) (only for image).

    Check out SMS/MMS box that is completely protected by password. The users can hide this app in their android device for getting more privacy. It doesn't show any SMS log in your device's call history. You can instantly move any contact from or to private database. Whenever your MMS is completely received or sent using native application, then you can move it to private database for better performance. See your in-progress MMS either receiving or sending only in native messaging application.

    * Get more privacy by customizing notification text.
    * If you want to move any of your old SMS/MMS to private database then you can do it with this application.
    * Whenever you removed any contact, it also allows you to move back that contact's private SMS/MMS.
    * Close ‘Private SMS/MMS Box' application, when it becomes idle by setting timer.
    * You also have an option to export or import all of your private SMS/MMS database.

    Note: Dial password 1234 to open this application.

Supported Android versions: All
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Private SMS-MMS Box (AD)