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PocketSensor Automatic Keylock Android App & Review

Downloads: 106
Category: Tools Android Apps
(Security Android Apps)
Version: 1.15
Publisher: PhonePhreak Software
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About PocketSensor Automatic Keylock Android App
  • Automatically lock your phone by using PocketSensor Automatic Keylock application. It locks your device's screen and keys, whenever it is in your pocket by using phone's built-in proximity sensor.

    Once the users take their phone out of the pocket, then the screen and keys will unlock so there is no need of finger swipe.

    The users can also lock or unlock their android devices manually with PocketSensor active. Press any key to unlock the phone totally, whenever it is not in the pocket. The automatic keylock gets disabled in case the users hold the phone with their both hands to prevent accidental triggering (phone must be in landscape mode).

    You also have an option to unlock your phone automatically, even if you have locked it manually. This app locks almost all keys including the power key. PocketSensor Automatic Keylock app starts automatically on bootup.

    Note: Before installing the full version, please disable the Automatic Keylock.

Supported Android versions: All
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PocketSensor Automatic Keylock