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Pocket Ants Android App & Review

Downloads: 29
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.0.4
File Size: 8557 KB
Publisher: Concrete Software Apps
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About Pocket Ants Android App
  • Play a fascinating game, Pocket Ants on your android device. In this interesting game, the players have to play on behalf of the king of the ANTS. Here, you should decide whether the ants live in peaceful coexistence or fight to the death. The players can easily drown and electrocute the ants with the storm. Through ant magnet, you can collect and move the ants to their home. Feed them with watermelon & strawberries and zap with the laser. The flame thrower allows you to torch the ants. You can drop rocks on them and race with them. The players can quickly set aggressiveness & percentage of black/red ants. Simply blow the ants into your traps with firecracker and ant mines.

    * With the help of the magnifying glass, you can burn the ants.
    * Move the ants to their home.
    * Draw a path and the ants will follow it.
    * Easily add more or less ants as per your choice.
    * Also squish, march, explode and fight your ants.

Supported Android versions: All
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Pocket Ants