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Pixel Idols Android App & Review

Downloads: 34
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 2.1
Publisher: Pixel Brain Games
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About Pixel Idols Android App
  • Pixel Idols is a retro-styled side rolling space shooter with upgradeable shields, missiles, smartbombs and weapons. You can bring together multipliers and upgrades to maintain your score mounting higher. In this application you have to fly your ship, observe the galaxy and meet your icons and destroy them.


    * Contains 10 levels, each with 10 waves of enemies
    * Contains 3 difficulty levels
    * Battle against your friends on 3 OpenFeint score leaderboards
    * Zeemote Controller support
    * Enjoy the game with trackball, keyboard, touch, or tilt
    * Manageable volume settings for music or sound effects
    * 18 OpenFeint achievements worth 1000 points

Supported Android versions: All
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Pixel Idols