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Photography Trainer Android App & Review

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Category: Photography Android Apps
Version: 4.1
File Size: 4456 KB
Publisher: Trailblazer Media
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About Photography Trainer Android App
  • Photogaphy Trainer gives detailed information that help you capture the best possible shots with your D-SLR camera. It comes with a very unique concept that gives step-by-step information for your device's camera settings, so that you can take perfect shots while on a vacation or simply enjoying with friends. The app features interactive photography trainer section that provides information on aperture, shutter speed, ISO and also shows features how they all work together.

    Helpful tips and information after every selection
    Browse sample photos
    In-depth techniques
    Easy to follow text and examples
    No Internet conection required

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Photography Trainer Android App Recent Changes
  • Added a comprehensive glossary of photography terms--find it in the "In-Depth" part of the app
  • Updated the Trainer's "Indoor" section by adjusting the menus and content to better address People, Pets, Children, and so on
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Photography Trainer